On last sunday it happened the FLISOL, which I was able to partially attend here in La Paz. It was a good event, though I wasn’t able to see all the talks. Unfortunately I didn’t had much time to convince people to use GNOME 3, but I did a short 15 minute demonstration of GNOME 3.0 running on the Fedora livecd. Most questions were about how to use it in Ubuntu, so I had some bad news for them.

As a user of GNOME, I need to say thank you for everyone involved in the GNOME 3.0 release. I started using it only last week and I fell in love immediately. It’s not only beatiful and great to use, it’s also inspiring. It’s great to see the direction GNOME is taking and what we can build on.

I also have to say congratulations to the Fedora guys. I installed Fedora 15 Alpha then updated to the latest packages. Even with the Alpha packages it was rock solid. Sure enough after using it for my day to day work for a week I had some crashes, but it’s amazingly stable. And it has some cool features as well (I love the systemd idea). So at least for me, Fedora has everything to be the best distro around this year.