I tried Gnome Shell a few months ago but I had so many issues I didn’t actually experienced anything. Yesterday I downloaded the Gnome 3 livecd but it seems my Radeon doesn’t work at all with it (all I see are some random dots in the screen even with safe mode on). Since I still wanted to test Gnome 3, I updated an Arch Linux installation I had to Gnome 3 (took a long time to download since I had tons of stuff to update). So then I was finally able to actually test Gnome 3 today. And I was quite impressed by two things.

One, it crashed a lot for me. Don’t know if it’s a Gnome 3 issue or an Arch Linux issue. But it crashed every 5 minutes. I couldn’t change the wallpaper without it crashing. And most of the times it wouldn’t login telling me something went wrong and I had to logout. I even added a new user to make sure the old settings were not giving it problems, but it was the same.

I do hope these things are eventually fixed, because of my second point. I loved it! It’s amazingly beautiful, I loved the animations, loved the details like how items glow when you hover them. I loved the menus on the top right and how I could press the Super button to get the overview mode. The new control center is beautiful and it just feels right.

I tried Unity last week and in my personal opinion, the Gnome 3 experience is far better then anything Ubuntu can offer right now.