I just got back from Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, where I was attending CONSOL 2010, the Congreso de Software Libre of Bolivia. And I had an amazing time over there and met some really amazing people. This is a thank you note for everyone there, for welcoming me and trying to understand my lousy spanish talking about Google Summer of Code and Gnome.

It amazes me every day how far Gnome and my Summer of Code experience is taking me. I’m doing an internship in an open-source company in Bolivia simply because I had Gnome in my curriculum and it got the attention from someone. And I am learning so much, both from my work here and from living in such an incredible country as Bolivia, where the diversity and contrast is amazing even for someone coming from Brazil. And the motivation I saw there, not only because in the poorest country of South America, free software makes a lot of sense, but because of their passion to hacking on stuff, to learn about new stuff and make something useful out of all of that.

So, congrats to these guys there and thank you for everything (especially Amos Batto and Hardy Beltran for inviting me).

On a side note, Rhythmbox 0.13.2 released a few weeks ago contains my first real contribution to Gnome, with my Google Summer of Project of this year being released. So if you have an iPhone or Android, enable the DAAP plugin together with the Remote switch and enjoy controlling Rhythmbox anywhere in your home! Thanks to W. Michael Petulio, Jonathan Matthew and Peter, without their help this would never be released.