I like the Indicator Applet and I like Cryptkeeper, so I decided to create an indicator for Cryptkeeper:

For anyone who doesn’t know, Cryptkeeper is a very useful application that allows you to mount/unmount an encrypted folder with just one click. It’s one of the most useful applications running on my startup. But up until now it had a quite ugly icon:

Can you spot the difference?

This is actually a plot to make people to like it and finish it. The patch adds support for showing and letting you mount/unmount folders, but it doesn’t let you delete folders or view information, as it did. Also, when adding a new folder, it doesn’t show up on the list if you don’t restart Cryptkeeper. But the patch does what I wanted it to (I rarely create or delete an encrypted folder), so I probably won’t change it further.

So, the patch is here. Have fun 😉