Community bonding is almost over so I thought I could share some details about my Google Summer of Code project.

As the title says, I will implement DACP support for Rhythmbox. You probably never heard of DACP but you’ve probably seen it in action. It’s the protocol that is used by the Remote application in iPhone and iPod Touch.

I’ll be implementing the server side in Rhythmbox, so you’ll be able to control Rhythmbox with your iPhone, iPod Touch or even your Android.

I’ll actually be implementing this inside libdmapsharing, a DMAP (DAAP & DPAP) library that was once extracted from Rhythmbox sources, improved and will be integrated again into Rhythmbox as a library, once my mentor’s patch is accepted. So hopefully, more applications will be able to support DACP, DAAP and DPAP by using libdmapsharing.