I have just been approved for Google Summer of Code 2009, which means I can once again work on a great project, the Conduit application.

This year my project is “Making Conduit work as a daemon”, which is by itself a great project and will allow me to implement some ideas I’m having for about a year (or at least find out why I can’t implement them 🙂 )

But what is more important is how I think it helps Gnome into better integrating the Gnome desktop with the online world. Conduit working as a daemon is much more then a synchronization application running in the background, it is a service to access any data, both local and online, indenpendently of API, language or binding, because it is available in a DBus service abstracting all the details. What is more important, is that applications dont have to implement support for every website in the planet, because that is done inside the Conduit API as modules (and plugins, as soon as I finish implementing them).

I would like to details more how all of that is possible and how I think my work can help with that, but I’ll leave that for later. For now I’m just celebrating being accepted!